Jack is a Fishing God

6a00d83451dd1e69e200e54f4dfa8c8834-800wiWell, you’ll have to check my scrapbook gallery to see the story of how Jack won the fishing contest two summers ago in North Carolina, but even so, you’re not going to believe the fish he caught today in our creek. It’s over 12″ long.

For those of you who’ve never been here, the Paunacussing Creek is hardly a raging river. At least, it isn’t when there isn’t a hurricane around.  This time of year, we’re lucky if the part of the creek just behind our house is more than about 6″ deep.  Just upriver (upcreek?) and down, there are some deeper spots, but it’s basically a wet ditch.  The past few summers we’ve found some tiny (less than 5″) baby creek chub.

But this big guy is a trout, a very beautiful trout, and if we could have caught a couple of his brothers along with him, we’d have had a great dinner.

Kevin and Jack were just going down to the creek to fish for a few minutes, to kick off Memorial Day weekend.  Jack insisted on fishing in a particular location that Kevin didn’t think was promising. Jack went over there anyway and almost instantly pulled out this fish.

BTW, they were using worms as bait. I think messing around with all those lures and flies is silly.

Christy’s fishing rule of thumb:  FISH LIKE WORMS.6a00d83451dd1e69e200e54f4e0eb98834-800wi

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  1. Aunt Jo says:

    Uncle Kevan wants to know how Mom prepared the fish for dinner and how it tasted?

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