Meet a MAWA District Champ

Jack has qualified for the next round of the MAWA Eastern Nationals tournament !! (MAWA=Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Association, the AAU program for wrestling)

He WON his district qualifier (one of about 28 in the 17-state MAWA region), and now goes on to wrestle in one of four sectional qualifiers. (If he finishes in the top four there, he goes on to the final tournament in Maryland).

He wrestled two excellent matches … he’s starting to be a very “smart” wrestler. You can really see him thinking and planning his strategy out there, instead of just going out and “winging it.” He’s turning out to be very good technically (all those practice hours paying off!)

He’s really on a roll. Jack’s undefeated in his last ten matches, and when he wrestles a boy his age and weight, he very rarely loses. (It’s a bit of a problem with his travel team matches in the East Penn league, because they only classify by weight, so a number of Jack’s losses there were to much older boys who just happened to be light.)

Previously, I’ve compared the mania for wrestling in Pennsylvania to the craziness about football in Texas. It might even be worse. Kevin was looking at the entrants in the NCAA Wrestling Finals which were this weekend in Oklahoma. Regardless of the location of the college, just about 20% of ALL the wrestlers in the NCAA finals grew up and learned to wrestle in, you guessed it, Pennsylvania. It makes it hard to put things in perspective when there are boys in the meets Jack goes to … in fact, on his TEAM … who are nationally ranked.

All that aside, Jack did a great job. Get in touch with Kevin if you want to know all the technical,  wrestling details of how Jack won. By the way, Owen was assistant coach yesterday, and he was a wonderful brother, helping Jack warm-up and keeping him loose. THanks O. More photos are here.

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