Fiona the FisherGirl

Kevin and the boys planned a trip to the secret fishing spot this morning, so last night Kevin and Fiona had to go out to get worms. Of course they ended up with unplanned purchases, and Fiona came home with her first, very own fishing pole (Barbie pink, UGH).

She spent about 45 minutes last night with the weight on the line, very seriously practicing her casting and reeling in.  I think she’s ready.

By the way, the fishing trip this morning lasted about 15 minutes due to the 40 degree weather, mushy worms and windy conditions.

Here’s Fiona catching a “weally big one” (she’s got a bit of a Daffy Duck accent lately, to go with her Brooklynese).6a00d83451dd1e69e200e54f6cc9bf8833-800wi

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