What the Solebury soccer coach DID NOT know …

When Jack’s former Solebury Storm soccer coach was telling us that Jack was cut from the team, he kept saying that he was worried Jack wouldn’t be available for soccer games because he also plays football.

Kevin pointed out to the coach that in three years of playing Fall soccer for the Solebury Soccer Club, Jack had NEVER missed a league game. The U12 coach’s response was to say, “I don’t keep track of that kind of thing.” (Why doesn’t a coach keep track of when his players miss games?)

When Kevin asked him why this was an issue this year, after never being an issue before, the coach said that he KNEW there were going to be conflicts this year because of what he’d heard about how soccer and football were scheduling games. (He didn’t say how he knew this; I guess he had some mysterious, omniscient unnamed source.) This conversation took place on June 1.

Kevin pointed out that he was on the football board of directors and he knew that the football schedule hadn’t been made yet (it was published last week) and the soccer schedule hadn’t been made yet (it was published this week). Kevin again asked why this was a problem after three years of no problem. The coach repeatedly said that he knew there would be a conflict.

I just compared the soccer and football schedules. Guess what? The Solebury Soccer Club U12 coach and his unnamed source were wrong.

There is no conflict between the U12 soccer schedule and Jack’s football schedule.

He would have been available for all the soccer games.

(Obviously, the coach was going to cut Jack no matter what. We still don’t know whether it’s because Jack is not a good soccer player — he gave us no feedback on Jack’s skills or lack thereof, only to say he’s worried Jack won’t be tall — or because he just doesn’t like Jack or us.

It would have been nice if he had been honest about the factors that contributed to Jack being eliminated from the team, and he hadn’t used an invented schedule conflict as one of the reasons.)

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  1. Bulldog 24 says:

    Perhaps the unidentified soccer coach about whom you write is planning a political career in the future, in which facts, honesty, fairness, objectivity and playing by the rules have little relevance. Apparently, what he “knew” (concerning soccer/football schedules) did not include what might be a reaction to his ‘knowledge’ and his decisions based thereon.

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