Spartan update

_MG_3453Well “Sparty, Sparty, King of the Party” (as Jack calls him) has been here about ten days and I guess, so far so good.

He’s VERY good about sleeping in his crate, is still pretty lazy, likes to play fetch and is working hard at digging a hole to China in the front yard. He’s also in danger of being loved to death by Fiona.

Owen has realized that being a “doggie daddy” is a lot of work, although he has been very good about getting up at 7 AM for the morning playtime shift.

Jack is pretty mellow about the whole thing and steps in when we need him to.

_MG_3470Kevin still maintains that he doesn’t really like dogs (although Spartan was his idea.)

Molly is getting used to him and they have a couple of playtimes everyday before she gets fed up.

I even caught them snuggling on the sofa for a nanosecond before Molly realized someone was watching and she got huffy and moved.


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