2 TDs, 1 Pick & 100+ Yards: Jack had a good game!

_MG_3610The NHS Lions Jr. PeeWee gold team dominated last night, beating Lenape Valley 30-6. After going through the bazillion photos and re-living the game, I can honestly say that EVERY. SINGLE. PLAYER did something great. Although Jack (#24)  clearly had his best game ever, it was due to the great work his teammates did and he rode along on their efforts.

The team blocked like animals, had NOT ONE turnover and very few penalties. They had to pull back in the late 3rd quarter because they were in danger of getting in trouble for running up the score (Pop Warner rules state that if you get more than 25 points ahead, the head coach is suspended.)

Our fantasy football league drafted last week and I ended with the Jets defense for my team. I think I’d prefer to have the NHS Jr. PeeWee gold defense; they were that good.

It was very hard to whittle down the photos, because, as I said, each one showed at least one player doing something amazing. Please take your time and enjoy going through the photos. It was a great game. Thanks guys.

Photos are here.

I can’t wait until next week’s game!

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  1. Paul Keating says:

    Bravo! (again!)….great pix, Christy, and thanks for posting them. I’ve checked the site five times since last night hoping they would be up! They tell such a story and are helpful to the coaches (at least this one) figure out what is happening. Jack was a beast. I know you guys are New York fans….but he plays like Brian Dawkins on defense and Jerome Bettis on offense.

    (the head coach ain’t half bad, either)

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