Soccer Keeper Jack


Sometime last Spring, Jack decided he wanted to be a soccer goalie, or more correctly, keeper. He played in the net a lot last spring, did a keeper camp over the summer and shared time in goal last fall. The team’s other primary keeper isn’t playing this Spring, so Jack’s playing keeper almost full time.

Since keeper camp last Spring with Ryan from Total Soccer, Jack’s been doing weekly private or semi-private keeper lessons with Ryan. As a nice side effect, not only have his keeper skill improvedfrom training with Ryan, but his general soccer skills, particularly his ball handling have gotten much better as well.

A couple of games ago, Jack had to be pulled from the game for the first time….going down for the ball, he got kicked in the back, giving him a temporary case of sciatica. He went back in for the second half however. He has no fear and likes to dive for the ball, so I see a mouth guard in his future.

Last game, Jack got his first penalty for basically tacking a guy to get to the ball…he plays catcher that way too, but that’s a separate post. I guess he just has “linebacker” in his soul.

I pulled out some of the best shots of Jack played keeper from the past few games. You can see that he’s mastered the “intimidating scowl.” (You can also see that he desperately needs a haircut, but that’s a battle we’ve conceded for the moment.) The slide show is here: Soccer Slideshow Here.

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