Jr. PeeWee Gold Lions Game Summary Week #2

This is from an email that Kevin sent to the team:

Here’s the game summary for our Friday night tilt against Lenape Valley 6.  It was a corker.  Please note that summary below is based upon my giddy recollection of the events and may not be 100% factual (Actually, I’m sure it’s all factual but it may not be in the right order).  Who cares really, the kids played their butts off.

Lions Roar Against Lenape Valley

The Junior Pee Wee Gold Lions became the first New Hope Solebury Football 105 lb. team to win a game in the history of the program Friday night with a 30-to-6 pasting of the Lenape Valley Indians.

The Lions established the tone of the game on their first possession as the offensive line of Tyler Brennan at center, Jake Harraka and Tommy Capriotti at guard, Ryan Keating and Max Adar at Tackle, and Alec Coburn and Colin Patrick at tight end, blew the Indians off the ball play after play.  With the offensive line creating huge running lanesup the middle, the Lions kept it simple and ran the fullback, Jack McKenna, up the middle three times for 50 yards bringing the ball within a foot of the goal line.  The Lions than punched it in with QB Mike Fitzgerald taking it in for the team’s first score of the season.  The extra point try failed but the Lions had broken on top 6-0.

Now it was the defense’s turn, and led by the d-line play of Ryan Walton and Matt Kilgariff as tackles, Tyler Brennan at nose tackle, and Jake Harraka and Josh House at the D-end positions, the Lions stopped the Indians cold on their first series and got the ball back for offense just four plays.

This time the Lions offense stalled and had to punt.  That offensive stutter merely created another opportunity for a game highlight as Lucas Lasher fielded a low snap (it bounced) and calmly boomed a punt down the field to get the Lions out of danger.    This time on D it was the linebackers and the corners who came up big with Tommy Lupo coming to make a big stop.  Jack McKenna blitzed up the middle to make a play in the backfield. Then Tommy Capriotti came up hard from the corner to stop a run around the right followed by cornerback Cameron Tealor coming up to make a play on the left (SPECIAL NOTE:  Cam showed tremendous team spirit and heart when do to a administrative glitch and PW rules, he was forced to play without his glasses.  He was uncomfortable but he did it for the team and played great!).

Later in the half, the Lions got the offense going again.  First Colin Patrick buried the defensive end and Tommy Valleto took out the Lenape Valley corner with a huge block to spring Lucas Lasher for a big gain around the left end to get us into the red zone.  It took several Indians to bring down Lucas as he fought for extra yardage. Then the Lions went to the passing game to get a score.  Great pass blocking by the offensive line that gave Mike Fitzgerald the opportunity find Alec Coburn in stride on a deep out route and he sped in for the score.  The Lions were up 12-0.

The Lions D held tough to finish out the half with Tommy Lupo and Jake Harraka teaming up for a big stop (probably the biggest hit of the game).  Lukas Lasher punished an Indian running back in the backfield for a big stop.  Andrew Wheelan teamed up with Matt Kilgariff to pound an Indian runner off tackle. And  Tommy Capriotti finished the job by picking up off an Indians pass to thwart the Indians best first half opportunity to score.

The Lions came out on fire in the second and once again it was the offensive line that led the charge.  After a couple of short gains, Ryan Keating and Tommy Capriotti blew open a big hole in the Indians defense and Jack McKenna went for a long touchdown run.

The Lions went back on D and this time the defense put the game out of reach.  First Tommy Valleto and Ryan Walton (Ryan had a huge second half on the D line) made big stops off tackle then Cam Tealor made a great stop on a sweep to force to force the Indians to pass for the first down.  The Lions made them pay for that decision.  Tyler Brennan and Colin Patrick burst in to force a bad throw.  Jack McKenna grabbed it and went the other way for six, and it was 24-0.

After giving up a score on D, the Lions put new set of players out on offense and they went took up where their teammate left off.  New linemen Ryan Walton, Matt Kilgariff and Josh House came in to blast some Indians and create some running room for Tommy Capriotti, Tommy Lupo, Cam Tealor and Jake Harraka.  We did have a scary moment as Josh House, playing at center, went down with a shoulder injury but he looked to be all smiles by game’s end.

Once again the Lion’s offense took care of things and restored our cushion with Ryan Walton sealing off the backside and Matt Kilgariff and Jake Harraka leading the way on long touchdown run by QB Alec Coburn.

It was time for the defensive highlight of the second half as Andrew Wheelan burst into the Indians backfield and ripped the ball from the Indian’s running back for the game sealing turnover.

The Indians then ran out the clock for the historic 30-6 victory.

Throughout the game the offensive line play was truly special.  Special mention has to go to Max Adar who often blocked both the defensive tackle AND the d-end on run plays (I have photographic evidence) and Ryan Keating who sealed off the back side on pass plays incredibly well, giving Mike Fitzgerald time to throw. (Mike might owe Ryan an ice cream cone since Ryan and the rest of a very tough offensive line’s blocking helped him to the best statistical day ever by a Junior Pee Wee Lions QB: 5 completions on 7  attempts with a touchdown and no picks.)

Also I want to make special mention of Chris Braun’s support of his teammates from the sidelines.  Chris put aside the disappointment of barely missing the weight target and helped his teammates throughout the game.  He cheered, he helped with helmets and water and he was an all around great teammate.  I can’t wait to see him back on the field next week.

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  1. Congratulations, Junior Pee Week Gold Lions…a very impressive win over Lenape Valley! Good coaching, good plays design, calling and execution and great play by both the offensive and defensive linemen.
    Playing ‘tough’ and each player doing his job agressively and fairly almost always provides a positive outcome, regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard. Keep it up in game three.

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