Jr. PeeWee Gold Rises Above the Ugliness

_MG_4300Well, there was much that wasn’t pretty last night:

  • the weather,
  • the flu and injuries that were taking over our team,
  • the abominable refereeing (are they deaf AND blind as well as biased?) ,
  • the utter lack on sportsmanship and low-class behaviour from players on the Lenape Valley 04 team and its assistant coach,
  • even the Bux-Mont League officials who “spontaneously” re-did our schedule five days ago and forced our team to play this game.

Amid all the ugliness, the one bright, shining light was the NHS Jr. PeeWee Gold team.  To a man, the players stepped up to the challenges, found untapped reserves of physical and emotional strength, and showed everyone on the field how champions act.

Our players were verbally abused by a Lenape Valley coach and the referees stood by and did nothing; our players were tackled out of bounds, repeatedly held, and our QB and punter were illegally roughed up and the referees stood by and did nothing.  Instead, the referees demonstrated their ineptitude by inventing penalties against us. According to the rules, IT IS THE REFEREE’S JOB to protect the children. Well, they failed big time.

Our golden boys didn’t fail. They rallied around each other, fought for every yard and tackle and made everyone who loves them proud.

More photos from the game are here.

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