Sept. 11: Annual Post Remembering the WTC

A scrapbook page from several years ago. Journaling reads:

It was just after I dropped Jack & Owen off at CEC that I found out about the WTC. I was listening to the Don Imus show on WFAN. Sportscaster Werner Wolf telephoned the show from his home in SoHo. The first plane had just hit the tower and he was describing what he could see and hear.

I sat in the car, listening to the radio. When a second plane hit the other tower, clearly it was a terrorist attack. I called Kevin–it was eerie; at different times, we had both worked in the WTC. I talked to Patty Lee and called Suzanne Pratt; her office was just across the street from the WTC. CEC closed early and we spent days glued to the TV. Jack was aware of the tragedy and we tried to help him understand . . . what could we say?

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