Bucks Co. Mavs Finish 2nd in PONY Regional

(Catching up…here’s a report on Jack’s summer baseball team; look for posts about FBU Top Gun football camp, more about Tanzania (!), and general summer photos in the next few days.)

Jack played on a combined Upper Makefield-Solebury team this summer. It was great for him because he got to play with his friends from the Spiders as well as his friends from the Mavs team he played on during the Spring. The main focus of the team was the PONY regional tournament, held outside Pittsburgh 15-18 July, where they rallied to finish as runner-up.

The team also did a warm-up tournament in June at the Ripken Complex in Aberdeen, MD. The team struggled a bit in Aberdeen, but had lots of fun and started to get used to playing together.

Bucks Co. Mavs @ Ripken Complex, Aberdeen MD

CLICK HERE for photos from the first game in Aberdeen.

CLICK HERE for photos from the second game in Aberdeen. (I missed the last game they played because I was at Owen’s fencing tournament.)

The team had several practices between the Aberdeen tournament and the Pittsburgh PONY league tournament and really started playing well in the PONY games.

They won their first two games, lost the third and then battled back to play in the championship game. In the five games, Jack went 7-11 at the plate (0.636) with a 0.750 on-base percentage and (my favorite stat) NO STRIKEOUTS.

Offensively, he made a couple of excellent bunts (shades of last year!), had a couple a nice singles to the outfield and got robbed once by a questionable infield fly call. He seems especially to like to swing at the first pitch and to hit with an 0-2 count.

(L) Getting in, just under the tag & (R) A big hit with with 0-2

Defensively at third, he had one or two errors, made a couple of strong plays and made nice double play that the ump inexplicably called the runner safe (see the game #5 photos: the 1st baseman’s foot was so clearly on the bag, before the runner even gets into the frame. And, no, that’s not creative photo cropping.)

CLICK HERE for Mavs v McCandless (Game #1)

CLICK HERE for Mavs v  Cranberry (Game #2)

CLICK HERE for Mavs v Brad-Mar-Pine (Game #3)

CLICK HERE for Mavs v Washington (Game #4)

CLICK HERE for Mavs v Brad-Mar-Pine (Game #5, championship game)

Beside the excellent baseball, I think the boys (and families) really had an awesome time together. We all stayed in the same hotel, so the kids did a lot of swimming. We went to the movies and even got to catch the last half of a Pittsburgh Pirates game, complete with Clemente jerseys (THANKS again, Hitchcocks!). All in all, I think it was an experience the boys will remember a long time.

(L) Mavs on the big screen & (R) At the Pirates game (thanks Karen for the photo)

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