Jr. PeeWees Beat Pennridge; Owen Runs Like Riggins

Owen had his first football game of the season today. The team had played the week before, but Owen missed the game because of the wedding. It was the team’s second win and they really looked great, beating the Greenjackets 18-6.

Owen played four positions — fullback, outside linebacker, guard and center. This is the first year he’s run the ball and he looked like a young John Riggins or Franco Harris. He just gets the ball and goes … forward. And his legs never stop moving, regardless of how many defenders he’s dragging along.

He switched off at fullback/guard on offense and did a great job penetrating the backfield when he was a linebacker. The team got quite far ahead by halftime, so Kevin (he’s the head coach) was able to switch up the players quite a lot and give a lot of kids a chance to run the ball. Owen has always been a great center, so he went in at center to finish the game.

Click here for more photos.

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