Overview & Photos of Nicaragua Trip

We had a fantastic trip to Nicaragua. Although we were disappointed to postpone our Egypt trip until calmer times, we expected a nice vacation in Nicaragua. We had no idea how great it would be.

The country is beautiful: volcanos, lakes, beaches, cities. The food is great: grilled steak, lobster, chicken, fish, fresh fruit. The people were sooo nice (which is surprising … after the way the U.S. has treated the country for the past 150 years, I’m surprised they even let Americans in the country to come visit. As far as I can see, the only good things the Americans ever did for them was to teach them to love baseball instead of soccer.)

The highlights of our ten days included:

  • going up four volcanos (and sledding back DOWN one of them)
  • local baseball
  • one island
  • many beaches
  • two or three lakes
  • one natural spring pool
  • surfboarding
  • horseback riding
  • fishing
  • pottery making
  • a school visit
  • zip lining
  • nature walks
  • and sightseeing.

And I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.

Obviously, I haven’t had time to blog about everything (we ONLY have two baseball games, three baseball practices, three fencing classes, one swimming class, two pilates classes and two trainer workouts, two board meetings, two exchange student meetings, a cello recital and a school presentation this week!!)

But, I quickly went through and pulled some random pictures to show some of what we did. I didn’t edit them, but I did put some captions on some of them to explain. However, I *will* try to get some more detailed entries put together in the next few weeks.

CLICK HERE to see some photos from our trip

(I’m trying another site to store/display photos, so here’s an alternate album if the blog album isn’t working: http://christymckenna.zenfolio.com/nicaragua)

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