Jack Pins Malvern, Chestnut Hill Wresters

Here are a couple of videos that Kevin has shot of Jack’s wrestling matches when I wasn’t able to be there. The first  is video of Jack’s wrestling match — Germantown Academy v Malvern Prep on 05 Jan 2012.

Jack is the wrestler with the red ankle band and red headgear.

Two funny things about this video — First, the start. You can see the ref question Jack about his name and then send him back to the head table to confirm that he was supposed to wrestle the guy. Jack said that because the other kid looked soooo much bigger the ref thought the coaches had made a mistake in the matchup.

The other funny thing is that Jack is wrestling in mismatched shoes, neither of which is his own.

He got wonderful new (expensive) wrestling shoes at the beginning of the year. He promptly lost one of them. (One of them, how does someone lose ONE shoe). I refused to get him ANOTHER pair of shoes, so he went foraging in the lost and found and got a pair of used, size 11 shoes (he’s a size 9.5). He wrestled in those in the couple of matches that he had in December.

BUT, Jack managed to lose ONE of the lost and found shoes (again??). So, “luckily” one of his teammates had lost a shoe as well (what the hell is going on at GA with the wrestling shoes?). So, Jack used the one shoe from the lost and found and the other shoe from his teammate.

He said that he heard some comments from the Malvern wrestlers about his shoes during warm-ups. So, I’m sure that BEFORE the match, the Malvern wrestler thought this match was going to be a piece of cake — not only was Jack MUCH smaller, but he was the kid with the mismatched shoes.

As you’ll see, I’m thinking the Malvern wrestler had a different opinion of Jack AFTER the mater.

Below is the match (If you can ‘t see the video below, reload the page. I’m still working out some kinks in the code.)

The next video is from last week’s match against Chestnut Hill. Jack has the red headgear and the red/royal singlet on.

If you’re following the shoe saga, you will notice that Jack has on yet another pair of shoes. This week he is wearing Kevin’s old wrestling shoes….bet you can’t wait to see what he wears next week!!!

(NOTE: I messed up when I uploaded this video and uploaded the whole thing, not just Jack’s match. Jack’s match starts at about 1:15 and runs through about 4:39, so you can just fast forward to his match.)

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