Owen places 3rd in fencing tournament

Here are a couple of videos that I took at Owen’s fencing tournament yesterday for Kevin to watch, since he was in Virginia with Jack at a wrestling tournament.

Owen had a great day. He went 5-1 in the pools and his only pool loss was 4-5 and the last point took over a minute to fence…

Below is some video from that pool match (If you can ‘t see the video below, reload the page. I’m still working out some kinks in the code.) Owen is the fencer facing the camera and has on socks with red stripes.

The next video is from Owen’s highlight match of the day. He beat a kid who had defeated him pretty soundly at a tournament in December. It took Owen all three encounters and it went down to the last point, but Owen held tough and WON. (In this one, Owen has his back to the camera — you can see the “McKenna” stenciled on his lame.)

I’m really proud of how hard Owen worked and how well he fenced to place in the top three. We always have a goal of finishing in the top half of the competitors. There were 42 kids in the tournament, so Owen accomplished that. Next, he always tries to beat his seed. The fencers are seeded for the direct elimination part of the competition based on how well they do in the pools. Owen was seeded 7th going into direct elimination and finished third, so he accomplished that.

But his best accomplishment was beating a fencer that he couldn’t match just a month ago. In the December Talbot match, Owen won the first encounter, started struggling and lost a close second encounter and really struggled and only scored a point or two in the last encounter. Yesterday’s match was starting to follow the same pattern with Owen winning the first encounter, losing a close second encounter and he really had to fight and find a way, but this time he won the third encounter, and the bout.

Owen’s last match of the day was a bit of a challenge after his big win. He was fencing another lefty for the first time in the tournament and the fencer was much bigger and more experienced. I also think Owen just lacked a little “oompf” in this match. (Owen is on the right, the smaller kid, with the red stripes on his socks.)

(NOTE: In fencing tournaments, they don’t “fence off” for third after the semifinals unless it’s a qualifier for something else, so there are always two third place winners.)

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