NHS Field Day

After a “rain delay” on Friday, Jack’s school field day was today.  I don’t remember field days from when I was a kid, but apparently it’s a big deal around here — everyone gets a tshirt, they pick team names and so on.  The theme this year was “Oceans of Fun” so all the activities had a water theme.

The events were held at the new Upper Elementary School and it was nice to get a chance to look around the school where Jack will be going next year. (A big kerfuffle about that, the Lower Elementary was supposed to be remodeled this summer, but the school board screwed up the bidding process, so now all the elementary kids will be moved to the UES for next year and then K-2 will be back at LES the following year.)

I think they pretty much let the older kids loose on the activity field (over 30 different stations), but the kindergartners were assigned in groups of three to moms.  I had Jack and two girls from his class. Jack, of course, was completely gung-ho and wanted to power through each and EVERY activity and had to be convinced to come in even for a few minutes to have snack.  The girls were a bit more moderate.

They had practiced a couple of the activities in PE, so the kids were supposed to be comfortable with the events.  We started with cup stacking, and our day included: Beluga Bounce, Snorkeling Adventure, Hula-Hoop Marathon (Jack had to be cajoled into doing this activity and was the first one out), Catch of the Day, Bowl-a-Rama, Inflatable Whale & Home Run Derby (Jack insisted on taking about a zillion turns at this, w ich was basically a t-ball tee. He also demonstrated that he is a true switch hitter, blasting the ball to the fence from both the right and left sides. I haven’t seen him bat right in about a year).

Somewhere in the middle of all that, we went inside our borrowed classroom for a pretzel and juice box. After the activities were complete, everyone went inside to the gym to watch a volleyball game between the Upper and Lower Elementary School teachers. Back to the classroom again, and everyone got Popsicles, which was a big hit.

Some observations about Jack:

This will certainly become a recurring theme, but Jack seems so much more grown-up that the other kids I’ve interacted with who are his age.  That’s not to say he can’t be silly and obnoxious, but he’s very independent and resourceful in a wide variety of settings.

This is the end of the school year, so these kids have been around each other for eight months, and are all at least six, if not almost seven.  I was surprised that there were a number of them who were afraid to try the activities, who needed hand holding and for whatever reason seemed emotionally unable to participate.

Then there’s Jack’s competitive side. I think that if you told Jack that he could bet on breathing, he would. If you told him there was a tiddly winks competition, he would spent the next week practicing. I will give him credit for being both a gracious winner and a (pretty) good loser. He seems to be mostly self-driven and to purely enjoy competition. So for him, the day was couldn’t be better — games and sports — he was in his element at field day.  But, he was also a little disappointed and surprised that some of the other kids weren’t participating fully out of fear.

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