Fiona’s first football game!


Lions Downed By Braves In Opener

The NHS Mitey Mite Lions gave a tough, experienced Souderton Braves Squad all they could handle last Sunday at Romanowski Field before succumbing to the Braves and losing the contest 28-6.

The game started well for the Lions as they received the opening kick-off …

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Germantown Academy Halloween Parade 2010


Germantown Academy’s Halloween Parade is A.BIG.DEAL.

See more photos here.

(Fiona was Cleopatra and Owen was Perseus, holding Medusa’s head)…

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First Day of School 2010: They’re Outta Here!


FINALLY, the first day of school.

(This is posted late, because Molly, Spartan and I had a long nap to celebrate no one else being in the house.)…

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Jack (6th grade), Owen (4th grade), Fiona (K)

Officially “Husband” & “Wife” — Liz & Mike’s Wedding


Wonderful wedding. Beautiful location. Fabulous people. Full write-up later. For now, click here to see the photos.…

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Weekend Wrap-Up (LOTS of photos)


Fiona enjoys the ride down from the top of the wall

Fiona had a great time Saturday at her classmate’s birthday party at the Doylestown Rock Gym. As usual, she was fearless and shot right up the wall.

She seemed to really like working her way up the wall using …

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Fiona flies through the air & swims like a fish


For the past six weeks, Fiona’s PreK class at Germantown Academy has been doing swimming lessons twice a week at the GA pool. She’s been VERY lucky to have the legendary Coach Dick Shoulberg and the champion swimmer and Olympian-in-training Fran Crippen as her swim teachers.

In the first session, …

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Morning Conversation

Fiona: “If you combine Texas and Mexico, it’s Texaco.”

Owen: “But that’s gasoline, not a place.”…

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Back-to-Back Questions from Fiona

This morning, Fiona asked me two questions while I was brushing her hair.

1. Mommy, what are ovaries?
2. So, what are loafers?

Don’t you wish you knew what synapses in her brain were firing to connect those two questions?…

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Fiona in the Mother Goose Show


Sorry. I don’t have time to make this all fancy and embed the video. Click on the link below to see Fiona’s part in the Pre-K “Mother Goose” play.


ETA: Here’s a photo of Fiona and her class in their costumes. Too cute!!

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A Christmas Miracle….


Owen and Fiona are touching and smiling and NOT fighting. (Photo taken in Philly before the Nutcracker ballet. More to follow later.)

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Halloween Parade at Germantown


The big-deal Halloween parade at Germantown Academy was today. Everyone looked wonderful. The whole school, from pre-K to seniors comes out to the quad and parades around.

The PK teachers were famous GA athletes from the past, the 3rd grade teachers were Phillies “fans,” and the 5th grade teachers were …

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Coming Soon to a Halloween Party Near You….


… The Ghost Boy from Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Princess Amidala, Queen of Naboo.

Get those treats ready!

(You’ll have to wait until the Germantown Halloween parade on Friday to see Jack dressed up as Miley Cyrus.)

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Soccer Girl Fiona


Fiona is on her first real team!! She’s playing kindergarten soccer at the Solebury Soccer Club.

(We were very hesitant about her being involved in the program after Jack was treated with a complete lack of integrity, but hopefully, those coaches  won’t taint the kindergarten program. So far, so

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Value of Germantown


It is worth every penny we pay in tuition if Fiona goes to sleep before 8:00 PM the rest of the year!!

BTW, everyone had a great first day. Fiona said that “lots of different teachers came to our room and told us stuff.” She said one or two kids …

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First Day of School 2009


YEAH! School started today.

Everyone got up, ate breakfast and got ready with a minimum of fuss.

Jack was worried the whole time that he was going to be late — we weren’t. (There’s a very narrow window between 7:45 and 7:50 AM that is “acceptable” to Jack to

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