Day One: Rosey & Peyton Take Over the House


Want to see more more pictures of our two new little girls, Rosey (black) and Peyton (white)?? CLICK HERE

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Summer Fun 2010: Exercising Spartan


Sparty has been pesky lately and too full of energy. He doesn’t want to go out to play during the day because he thinks it’s way too hot. So he wants to go out in the middle of the night and run around in the yard playing.

We needed a …

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Just because I love my dogs…


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Apparently Granby Likes Books…


We got her a kitty tower to climb on, but she prefers the bookshelves!!…

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Do you think Granby is happy? ;-)


Here’s her new sleeping quarters….(we checked in the middle of the night last night, and she was still right there next to Fiona.) Notice that the cat is UNDER the covers with a PILLOW for her head. Sure beats sleeping in the garage in a box with old …

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Meet Granby (add another reason we love Kevin)


Meet Granby (named after a wrestling move.) She’s our new cat.

Granby appeared just before Christmas. We really didn’t want to encourage her, but it was in the middle of a very cold spell, so we fixed her a box in the garage with lots of fuzzy blankets …

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Spartan update


Well “Sparty, Sparty, King of the Party” (as Jack calls him) has been here about ten days and I guess, so far so good.

He’s VERY good about sleeping in his crate, is still pretty lazy, likes to play fetch and is working hard at digging a hole …

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Owen has a new puppy


Meet Spartan

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“Finding Archie” … Has anyone seen our fish?

How do you lose a fish out of a fish tank?

Our orange, white and black platy, Archie (Manning), is missing…how can that be?

Unless Molly ate him once he landed on the floor, I don’t think he jumped out of the tank. He’s too big to get sucked up …

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New Members of Our Family

We are pleased and proud to introduce Hooper McKenna and Cottonball McKenna. They arrived on January 28, each weighing several ounces and just a few inches tall. Proud “papa” Owen McKenna is so happy to have his OWN pets.

That’s Hooper on the left and Cottonball on the right. (…

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Elvis Update


For those of you who are worried, Elvis is doing just great.

(In case you’ve forgotten, Elvis is Jack’s baby corn snake. He’s almost five months old; we got him in the middle of July.)

He had a bit of a rough start. He wouldn’t eat. (Elvis

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Meet Elvis. Elvis is a corn snake and he lives in our house. Everytime he holds the snake, Jack snuggles him (her?) close and whispers, “I love you Elvis.”

Of all the WONDERFUL things Kevin has ever done, this is NOT one of them. We don’t even remember …

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