Germantown Academy 5th Grade Chinese Banquet


Here is a video of the musical performance that the 5th grade at Germantown Academy did before their Chinese banquet. Owen played the soprano xylophone. (Be patient, it might take a moment to load)

The musical performance and the banquet that follows are the big celebration of the …

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Germantown Academy Halloween Parade 2010


Germantown Academy’s Halloween Parade is A.BIG.DEAL.

See more photos here.

(Fiona was Cleopatra and Owen was Perseus, holding Medusa’s head)…

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Owen Stars in 4th Grade Play as Henry VIII


Owen was a fabulous Henry VIII yesterday in the 4th grade play.  I’ll try to post video later.…

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1st Germantown Academy Fooball Game


Jack’s football career at Germantown Academy has begun. Unfortunately, the Patriots lost to Haverford, but Jack played a great game.

See photos from the game here.…

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First Day of School 2010: They’re Outta Here!


FINALLY, the first day of school.

(This is posted late, because Molly, Spartan and I had a long nap to celebrate no one else being in the house.)…

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Jack (6th grade), Owen (4th grade), Fiona (K)

Fiona flies through the air & swims like a fish


For the past six weeks, Fiona’s PreK class at Germantown Academy has been doing swimming lessons twice a week at the GA pool. She’s been VERY lucky to have the legendary Coach Dick Shoulberg and the champion swimmer and Olympian-in-training Fran Crippen as her swim teachers.

In the first session, …

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Tanzania: Schools & Students

Maasai Schoolchildren in their Outdoor "Classroom"

I think that some of the times we’ll most remember is when we visited schools. We spent a short time at a Maasai school near Lake Ayashi and spent a lot of time at the Haydesh Primary School near Karatu.

The Maasai school we visited was just for the youngest …

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Fiona in the Mother Goose Show


Sorry. I don’t have time to make this all fancy and embed the video. Click on the link below to see Fiona’s part in the Pre-K “Mother Goose” play.


ETA: Here’s a photo of Fiona and her class in their costumes. Too cute!!

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Jack’s Latest Art Project


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African Dancer (aka Owen)


“Good Dancing Restores The Community To Wholeness”
(African proverb)

The third grade at Germantown Academy has been studying Africa since they returned from Christmas vacation.  Among the topics they’ve studied are masks, stories, food, culture, geography, music; but, mostly importantly, they studied DANCE.

The students have  been working each week …

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Owen’s Colonial Day Presentation


For some reason, the quick time movie didn’t work for everyone, so try clicking here to see a video of Owen the woodworker in action.

It takes a minute to load, and you can’t really hear him at the beginning, but the audio gets better about halfway through.

A slideshow …

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A Poem by Jack

Jack’s class has been studying major 20th century events. This was what he wrote for one of his assignments.

A Polish Cavalryman Remembers WWII

The tanks came over the hills like iron mountains.
Planes in swarms like hornets filled our skies.
My brave Polish brothers swept back like unwanted leaves.

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Halloween Parade at Germantown


The big-deal Halloween parade at Germantown Academy was today. Everyone looked wonderful. The whole school, from pre-K to seniors comes out to the quad and parades around.

The PK teachers were famous GA athletes from the past, the 3rd grade teachers were Phillies “fans,” and the 5th grade teachers were …

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The O in the Iron Mask


Owen had to give his first book report this week. He read an abridged version of The Man in the Iron Mask by Dumas.

Over the past two weeks or so, once he’d read the book, Owen wrote an outline with setting, characters, plot summary and high point all detailed. …

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Owen, the cellist


Ever since he heard the school orchestra last year, Owen has wanted to play the cello. Only four third graders get to play cello, so we had to get up very early one Monday morning to get to school extra early so he could put his form under the music …

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